One of the reasons we are in the USA for 6 months, besides visiting family, friends, and supporters, is to raise additional financial support. Due to our growing family (baby girl due in December!) and our Campus Outreach expansion to Chiang Mai (new city!), we have both increased monthly and one-time support needs. Thus far, we have raised $600/month and $10,000 one-time in new support. We are still needing people to partner with us for an additional $900/month and $25,000 one-time.

Monthly Need: $1,500/month -> WHY?

1. Going from a 2 to 3 person family

2. Higher cost of living in Chiang Mai

3. Increase in health insurance

4. Campus Ministry Budget (a new responsibility with Bob’s promotion)

One-time Need: $35,000 -> WHY?

1. Car – $18,000 (Cars are taxed 300% in Thailand, and we will need a 2nd vehicle for ministry and family use)

2. Move to Chiang Mai – $5,000

3. Taxes and Admin Fee – $7,000

4. Federal Taxes while in the U.S. – $4,000

5. Global Staff Conference – $1,000


2…people at $200/month ($2,400 annually)

3…people at $100/month ($1,200 annually)

4…people at $50/month ($600 annually)


***If you are interested in partnering with us, see our support page for ways to give.