Our staff in Thailand had the privilege of having Henry, Wendy and Thomas Clay teach us over the past few days. Henry and Wendy are head of International Staff Care with the Navigators. They are about to move to Colorado Springs to begin their new role. They served in Argentina for 20 years with the Navigators, so they have a lot of wisdom concerning being on the mission field.

They conducted one day of staff training for us. They focused their teaching on the importance of the Word, Prayer, and Community in our lives and how to help believers become better leaders. The first focus were three very basic and foundational topics, but three often neglected ones, even amongst missionaries. The leadership training was super helpful where we are at with several students who are new believers in our ministry.

The rest of the time they were here, they spent time with us individually and in groups (they did a brief marriage “mini-seminar” for the married couples here). Their son also came along. Thomas, who’s in his mid 20’s, works in Singapore. He stayed with us while he was here, and we had a blast getting to know him. We hope to see him and his parents again in the future. We were so blessed by them. Henry has a website with a lot of his lectures and training.