We landed in Thailand 6 months ago today! I feel like the time has flown by so quickly. I am so thankful, because while we have definitely faced a lot of transition, the Lord has provided in so many ways. He is enough, but I have also found that He is generous and gives above and beyond all that we could ever ask or imagine.

We are so thankful to have walked through (and are continuing to walk through) everyday life with our teammates. We came over with another young couple, Bobby and Katie, and have enjoyed learning alongside them how to do life here, including battling the language, the roads (crazy driving), how to order a meal, and how to grow an avocado tree (yes, we’ve really tried). Our teammates who have been here longer (most of them much longer) have been wonderful in helping us adjust and holding our hands along the way. They have been like family to us, and we are thankful for their wisdom, love, comic relief, generosity, and practical advice.


What we have “accomplished” in 6 months:

1. Writing our names in Thai (yes, we know how to write a little more than that in thai, but no joke, I just learned to write mine last week – Yes, we are like children all over again).

2. We have successfully managed to make garden beds, plant veggies from seed, watch them sprout, and then watch them die. Although we do have one okra that may yield about 5 pieces of fried okra!

3. Make 6 pans of cinnamon/orange rolls – I have loved cooking and the college students that were here for the summer were a great outlet for that!

4. We can introduce ourselves to people and ask some basic questions! However, we’re constantly reminded we can’t really speak much thai when we try to call someone to install a fan and have to call a teammate to do it 🙂

5. We’ve eaten McDonald’s probably 10 times – which is about 9 times more than I had it in the last year in the states.

6. Bob finally beat me on the golf course (and tied Brian Firpo,  previously the best golfer on the team).

Things we have yet to “accomplish”:

1. We still don’t have a Thai driver’s license – it’s a somewhat complicated process and we need to make sure we have all the right documents before we go.

2. Put pictures on the walls – although we are getting there 🙂

3. Still haven’t eaten durian, the infamous smelly fruit (they won’t allow you to bring it on airplanes or in some buildings).

4. We still don’t understand exactly how the post office works and have yet to mail a package or letter. Among the computerized voice continually saying numbers in thai, the two different piles of numbers (one to take, one for discards, i think), all the thai people that stare when you walk in, and not being able to communicate what you’re sending and where it’s going, it’s just a little intimidating. Sorry family, you will eventually get your birthday, mother’s day, and father’s day gifts – and maybe we should go ahead and send Christmas presents along too 🙂

Anyway, we are thankful for our first six months in Thailand, miss our family and friends in the U.S. lots, and are excited for the next six!