Earlier today, a friend of mine introduced me to¬†the official video for SMS [Shine] by The David Crowder Band. The song is from the bands most recent CD, Church Music. Artistically, the video is extremely creative considering it is a completely stop-motion video not to mention the 700,000 Lite-Brite pegs and 1,200 custom Lite-Brite boards that were used to create the motioned story board. The story adds to the creative shooting to create an extremely moving video that leaves the viewer humming the song and reminiscing the days of youth filled with playing with dozens of colored, plastic pegs, yet it challenges you to look to the future–to love, family, death and hope. Here’s an excerpt from David’s blog concerning the message of the video:

“God shares in the suffering of life and brings redemption for everything that is broken, and this revelation causes, no, demands, that those of us who have experienced and participate in this great rescue, display such a thing to those who live unaware of a balm, a fix, an answer to and for all that is bent.”
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You have to watch the making of this video to see the detail and time that had to be put into making this project. It’s broken into four parts:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4