Spiritual Warfare and MissionsI just came across this review of Spiritual Warfare and Missions: The Battle for God’s Glory Among the Nations by Chet Daniels over at The Gospel Coalition Reviews.

Here’s an excerpt from the review:

“In Spiritual Warfare and Missions, Rankin and Stetzer take the focus of spiritual warfare away from angels and demons and the mystical power encounter to placing it firmly upon the truth, beauty, and power of the gospel. They clearly and convincingly set out God’s purpose in mission and how the adversary, Satan, strives against it. Biblically balanced between the demythological and the overtly paranormal, Rankin and Stetzer take a thoughtful look at the reality of Satan’s activity in the world while giving their readers hope in the victory of Christ.”

This is Rankin and Stetzer’s second book on spiritual warfare. Their previous work is entitled Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for God’s Glory. It seems that it is focused on spiritual warfare in general where the new book is on the specifics of spiritual warfare pertaining to missions.